We Find Homes

Sandi Hamill is a  Realtor with Nest Realty in downtown Fredericksburg, licensed in Virginia. She has over twenty years experience with design, project, and construction management.

Her goal is to help everyone realize the dream of owning a home and making the home theirs through  the entire process of buying, designing and project management of the contractors they employ so every customer ends up with...Property Made Perfect!

Property Made Perfect

At Property Made Perfect, we pride ourselves in helping every family find a house that can be made to perfectly fit their needs, turning every house into the home of their dreams. Servicing northern and middle Virginia we help customers find the house that may not be just what they want when they first walk in the door but with a little remodeling it can be "Property Made Perfect."  We also have design services to help you realize your dream.

We help everyone no matter how small or big their budget, find a house that if need be, with a little help from experienced contractors, this property with good bones can be turned into the house that  allows them to say "this is MY HOME".


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